Bible College Curriculum

Apostolic Doctrines & Disciplines I
Apostolic Doctrines & Disciplines II
Apostolic Doctrines & Disciplines III
Constitution (intensive)
Acts of the Apostles
Intro to Hermenenutics
Apostolic Leadership
Church Growth
Evangelism (Intensive/ Elective)
Orientation to Theological Studies

Ministry of Teaching
Intro to Homeletics
Administration (Intensive/Elective)
Spiritual Disciplines
Exploring Worship
Spiritual Authority
Bible Overview I
History of the Apostolic Assembly (Elective)
Bible Overview II
Contemporary Religious Movements 

Building Strong Families
Urbanity & Ethics for Liders
History of the Christian Church I
(Intensive/Elective) Church Growth
History of the Christian Church II
Ministry of Counseling
Exagitical Methods
Psalms I
(Intensive) Efective Stewardship
Psalms II

Pastoral Epistles
Christian Ethics
(Intensive/ Elective) Jesus Strategy 2.0
Inductive to Romans
Pastoral Theology
Gifts of the Holy Spririt
The Word
(Intensive) Prison Ministry
Integral Christian Healing I
Integral Christian Healing II

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IABC 2018 Graduates

Past Intensive Course Photos